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It is important to know about the different flu viruses currently in circulation, their risks, and what you can do to protect yourself and the people you care for. There are everyday steps you and your loved ones can take to help protect yourselves against infection from flu viruses, and there are steps you should take if you become infected.

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CDC's Guide for Parents on Seasonal and H1N1 Flu (CDC Acrobat Icon)

Caring for Someone Sick at Home ( Site exit link)

Isolation and Quarantine Instructions (Columbus Public Health & the Franklin County Board of Health Acrobat Icon)

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Pregnancy & the Flu

What Should Pregnant Women Know About H1N1 Flu? (CDC Site exit link)
This is the CDC's comprehensive guide for pregnant women.

Pregnancy and the Flu (Columbus Public Health & the Franklin County Board of Health Acrobat Icon) Espanol (Acrobat Icon) Somali (Acrobat Icon)

Pregnant Women and New Moms Webcast (Ohio Department of Health and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Site exit link)
This is a "Know What to Do About the Flu" on how pregnant women and new mothers can prepare for the H1N1 flu.

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Planning Guides

Planning for a pandemic will also help you prepare for other emergencies. For example, the items you store in your pandemic flu emergency kit may be used during a winter weather emergency. It is always good to have extra food and water in your home in case you cannot safely travel to the grocery store.

Ready in Three publication for how to better prepare for all types of emergencies (Columbus Public Health & the Franklin County Board of Health Site exit link)

Home Care for Pandemic Flu (American Red Cross Adobe Acrobat File) Espanol (Adobe Acrobat File)

Ohio Department of Health's Get Prepared Publication (Adobe Acrobat File)

The Get Ready Kid's Website to help children prepare (American Public Health Association Site exit link)

Emergency Health Information Sheet (Adobe Acrobat File)

Household Preparedness List from A-Z (Ohio Department of Health Adobe Acrobat File)

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Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist for Individuals & Families (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Adobe Acrobat File)
Checklist for hospitals to help prepare for a pandemic.

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