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A pandemic occurs in many communities - sometimes even worldwide - almost simultaneously, but response will be local. Because of this, planning for a pandemic must be the responsibility of local health departments and other local governments. Community strategies that delay or reduce the impact of a pandemic (also called non-pharmaceutical interventions) may help reduce the spread of disease until a vaccine is available, so it is essential to be prepared to respond quickly.

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Guidance for Public Gatherings in Response to H1N1 (CDC Site exit link)
These recommendations are based on current information and are subject to change based on ongoing surveillance and risk assessment.

Guidance on Allocating and Targeting Pandemic Influenza Vaccine (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Site exit link)
Guidance recommends which groups and individuals are vaccinated first in the event of a flu pandemic to reduce impact on health and minimize disruption to society and the economy.

Guidance for Emergency Shelters for the 2009-2010 Flu Season (CDC Site exit link)
This document provides interim guidance specific for U.S.-based emergency shelters used by displaced persons during a natural or man-made disaster during the 2009-2010 influenza ("flu") season. This document provides guidance to reduce the risk of introducing and transmitting both seasonal and 2009 H1N1 flu in these settings.

Recommendations for the Amount of Time Persons with Influenza-Like Illness Should be Away from Others (CDC Site exit link)

Public Gatherings (CDC Site exit link)

Facemask and Respirator Use (CDC Site exit link)

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Planning Guides

Community Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Mitigation (CDC Site exit link)

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Managing Calls and Call Centers during a Large-Scale Influenza Outbreak: Implementation Tool (CDC Site exit link)
Read about the steps community planners should take to divert both unnecessary calls from the community 9-1-1 system and non-critically ill patients from the healthcare system to reserve both for actual emergency situations.

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State & Local Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist ( Site exit link)
This checklist identifies important, specific activities you can do now to prepare. Many are specific to pandemic influenza, but a number also pertain to any public health emergency.

Law Enforcement Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist ( Site exit link)

Correctional Facilities Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist ( Site exit link)

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Infection Control

Please check back; infection control information is coming soon.

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