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H1N1 Flu Audio Files ( Adobe Acrobat File)

Flu Audio Files ( Adobe Acrobat File)

Flu Podcasts includes seasonal and H1N1 influenza information (CDC Adobe Acrobat File)

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Fifth Guy Campaign (Adobe Acrobat File)
Developed by the Florida Department of Health, The "Fifth Guy" campaign illustrates a simple point: most people respect certain hygienic norms. We all know a Fifth person - someone who doesn't wash their hands or shows up to work sick. Visit the campaign site and view the video clips (Adobe Acrobat File) for tips on how to drop hints to those who might be making us sick.

DocRock Music Video (Adobe Acrobat File)
"Blah, blah, H1N1 blah," is what many kids hear when their parents try to teach them how to avoid getting H1N1, or the swine flu. To cut through the blahs, let DocRock and his H1N1 Rap teach your kids how to avoid catching H1N1 or the regular seasonal flu.

ORL Productions - Laugh + Learn Health Videos
View Dr. Ben Lounsbury's funny yet informative video on coughing:
Why Don't We Do It In Our Sleeves? (Adobe Acrobat File)

The follow-up to Sleeves, this video focuses on hand-washing:
Soap in the City (Adobe Acrobat File)

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